YouTube Quiz – Auto Body Collision Repair Training Q&A Quiz – Questions Answered

April 25, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair Have Questions? Visit This is a auto body collision repair quiz on youtube. Do you know the answers to the following…


6 comments on “YouTube Quiz – Auto Body Collision Repair Training Q&A Quiz – Questions Answered

  1. Troy Tipton

    I have a 83 Z28 Camaro. The body is pretty straight & has no rust. Paint on the car is not original but is not flaking. I bought this car for a quick flip and to try out new tools techniques and materials for future builds. Do not want to spend a lot of money on this car and just want to try my hand at paint & body. Can I just sand off the clear coat until the surface is flat then put a high build primer block sand and paint over this paint without stripping?


  2. Donnie Smith

    You're not supposed to sand it while it is still wet. It needs to completely dry. It varies depending on the primer you are using, but I like to wait until the next day if possible. So 24 hours will work.


  3. Jeff Woods

    Depends if its a restoration or not. 1 month on a old car.Thats the Last final coat of primer on a junk allover. I let it get hot and cold to shrink . On a new car job 2 or 3 hrs. if its not balling up on the sand paper I sand it. I go to a ruff i know 150 dry and then 220 wet and go up to 600 wet.And i get the water off ther primer asap when wet sanding. You do not want to know what i do on clear coat. most people will not take the time to do it.


  4. tomduncan1970

    Great Video Donnie!!!! Thanks to watching your videos…. I was able to score 100% (Even the question that you answered for me…LOL)

    Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!!


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