Watch A Full Body Shop Repair In 90 Seconds

October 15, 2017 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

See our body shop in action as they repair a wrecked car start to finish! The Progressive Auto Group Collision Center offers free estimates and is an approved …


12 comments on “Watch A Full Body Shop Repair In 90 Seconds

  1. Miguel Acosta

    Body shop work is much easier in the USA. Its all mostly just replacing pieces. In my country all those dents and hits are pulled out by tools because there isn't that much money to buy the parts and the job they do is very satisfying. At the body shop I work at all we do is replace and sometimes im able to bring fenders back to life lol the boss likes the way I work. Says i help save money sometimes


  2. TheSigp220

    Full service body shop and you're using filler? I mean I know its just a Malibu and probably a salvage title but if you can't weld quarters, I might as well go see Hector.  


  3. Spiro P.

    It`s a back breaking trade been doing it for over 40 years BIG mistake I made in choosing this trade, plus you breath all the toxic dust all day, I`m surprised I`m still alive. Just hope the new generation doesn`t get in this god forsaken trade!


  4. kashif khan

    Paint the cars all over tha world red burgundy wit matching body n interior red burgundy new style worldwide red burgundy cars trucks buses colours scheme red burgundy tha colours stand out value millions millions millions red burgundy sprayed body n matching interior of cars


  5. John barfneck

    notice they left the glass and driver side uncovered whiled painting causing extra wasted time +money+ effort cleaning up the mess from overspray afterwards…….trying to prevent orange peel effect or a rough painted surface. not my idea of a factory paint job other words they didn't take the extra time and effort to do it right like they would for themselves or the owner of the dealership if he walked in and saw they forgot to cover the whole car missing this step causes wasted time and money to both the repair shop and the customer who is eating thousands of dollars in repairs expecting perfection in the repair shop they are trusting to do their best at all times for any customer who walks through their doors and pays the same amount of money for the same exact repair……..makes me wonder what other steps they didn't take on the repairs???


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