September 3, 2017 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

Getting the doors off of the car.



  1. Eclidean

    on the matter of the Crushed-in center pillar between the doors, you can make cardboard templates from the pillar on the other side, both inside the car (with all the plastic interior panels taken off) AND outside the car (you may have to remove both of the left sides doors) but then you can get it back to being strait on both sides comparing the bent side to the strait side with cardboard


  2. ZIGgassedUP

    That's a tough repair even for a pro bud…In OZ it would be totaled and sold for parts only…A bent pillar is ok but if the floor's bent(and I see the rear 1/4 is) there is no more structural integrity in both side and frontal impact..Just sayin' mate.


  3. ngl777777

    You have obviously got a lot of confidence from doing the Mazda. Way to go. I am looking forward to this series of videos. I can't offer you any tips on these projects that you do but I will say you might want to side step Macco on this one. I hope this does not come to you as a shock to your system but I do think you should give them a miss. I know it is not my decision but I get a sense from the way that my tongue is in my cheek you might agree with me : – ) Your doing a great job. Keep it up.


  4. Reg Sparkes

    SO, are you going to enlist the help of ROADKING on this one ? I'm thinking you're going to make yourself into a good body man real soon.
    I'll be waiting for the following video's as this Taurus goes 'down the road' to repair.


  5. IHcubcadet

    Wow! Little bent up! I actuaily did this same car a few years back. My friends dad had a Taurus that got T-Boned on the right side. was not quite as bad but I did have to source two doors from a salvage yard. Then had to swap over the lock cylinder and all that good stuff. The B pillar was a little bent in, he ended up having a body shop pull it out.


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