SkillsUSA 2014 Automotive Collision Repair and Refinish Overview

November 20, 2017 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

Over 130 of the nations best an brightest in Collision Repair and Automotive Refinish Technology gathered in Kansas City for the 50th National Leadership …


5 comments on “SkillsUSA 2014 Automotive Collision Repair and Refinish Overview

  1. Body Tech

    .These kids would get lost in this world without body filler.The day of the true craftsman are gone let me see them fix something that's mashed and metal finish it.Most body techs I know have at least a hundred thousand dollars worth of tools.Unless sometime soon the insurance companys need to  start raising their rates to at least ninty dollars an hour this business is done.What are they going to do then.You kids need to become insurance adjusters you get it all money car retirement and they really don't know jack shit.Body work will take its toll on your body read about the chemical your working with.If you really like cars be a mechanic labor rate @120.00hr .Join the reserve go to college but don't get into this business the insurance companies dictate it!Im going to go ice my knees now .Take Care


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