How to Repair Damaged Clear Coat – Auto Body Repair Hacks Revealed

June 10, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

In this video I am going to not only show you how to repair peeling, chipped or worn out clear coat. I am going to show you how to do a spot repair and blend the new clear coat into the old…


49 comments on “How to Repair Damaged Clear Coat – Auto Body Repair Hacks Revealed

  1. ScarabChris

    Great video. I have a 1987 Trans Am GTA with some spots identical to this and I have been trying to figure out how to deal with them without an entire paint job. Thanks!!!


  2. Jason Barthle

    My problem is that I have sun damage on the roof of the car and I dont know if i should try to re apply clear coat to it since it would be the angle that would be the problem. I have painted stuff on the car myself since its a black pontiac g6 I painted the trim red and the brake calipers red. Most of the car is still in good shape paint wise being that its 10 years old. The roof is getting really bad and its really bothering me. The price doesnt bother me with a paint shop its that I dont have the option for leaving the car otherwise i would have them re clear the whole car


  3. Sam Iam

    if you roll the nozzle (roll the can) unidirectionally along the blend area while you're painting the clear, and don't use the cloth/tape at the blend edge, while adding garbage bags to cover more of the old clear & glass area, you won't need to blend using the buffer nearly as much, because the clear will already be "blended". The blend area will be longer, but will also be less noticeable, requiring more surface area to be covered with the rubbing compound, but it will give a better effect in the end. You'd have to use a bright light up close to see the difference. Still not pro shop worthy, but better than this. Not trying to be a dick and tell you you did the wrong thing, just offering more insight. Nice video though, very clear and easy to follow, with no BS.


  4. Jorge Melián

    Pregunto: Y si hubieras enmascarado todo el pilar hasta el capó y le hubieras dado laca a todo, no hubieras tenido menos problemas y te hubiera quedado más uniforme?
    Porque éso es lo que yo le hubiera dicho a un chapista que me hubiera hecho esa CHAPUZA


  5. Nas

    For the amount that I'll spend on buying tools and products, I might as well have a shop do it for me… not a big difference in price


  6. Stephan De L'ange

    Hi.. First, I’d like to thank you for your videos.. I think you are one of the best repair coach I have seen on YouTube.. You truly take the time to show and explain step by step everything you do to make sure we understand. You really do have a talent to teach.. Congratz..

    Now I have a question. Im not sure you’ll be able to help, but I need to take a chance and ask!
    I have a Automatic 2005 Ford Focus Station Wagon! I have a few things to work on to get it really for this winter.. But first I have a problem with my passenger side front and rear door..
    The Front Passenger side cannot open from the outside (but the handle isn’t unlachted because we do feel the normal tension when you try to open it, but it just doesn’t get the door latch open
    And in the rear, its the same but reversed.. Yo ucan open it from the outside by not inside..

    I’m asking you becaue, I tried, I removed the inside panel, I didn’t see anything loose or what, but as you must know, I’m not very good with doors, I admit it.. But I cant afford to spend 3 to 400$ at the mechanics when I could do it myself if I could get the right info..

    I’d really appreciate your help if you can.. Thanks for your time, and you can contact me here or by email at my name is Stephan, and I have no cell so I cant text or use sites built for cell phone…

    Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon
    Thanks and sorry for the long message!


  7. greato80

    Great instructive video. Looking to buy nice cheap car that has some fading. Nice to know i can fix problem myself now. Wont be perfect but as u say, night n day difference from what it was.


  8. Fun With Guns

    Thanks for the video! So I'm guessing you just use the scotch brite pad and then spray? The clear coat covers up the scratches? And the white hazed clear coat will even out too?


  9. Steve Phillips

    ? Nice job this will save us some cost, we are working on our classic Jaguar XJ6, sun faded sides of roof and hotspot on bonnet..  Clever how you did that; look under the video to buy items as you were on that same video; how curious was that. I was looking for video how to repair small cracks in car paint work. I can use filler but was wondering if it would be ok just to rub it into the cracks with a cloth rather than get it ever where else. Brilliant videos thumbs up have shared.


  10. Kevin Rosier

    Great video. Ive watched dozens of these clear coat fix videos and this is the 1st that I feel I can follow and end up with similar results. I appreciate your simplicity, honesty and the speed of the video ( how fast you got your work explained and demonstrated) many thanks and continued success .


  11. Matt Lord

    My new 2008 at the time had clear coat issues. They declined to admit it but same problem is on 2013 Tundra and others. There will be a lawsuit eventually


  12. Elle Shah

    Okay so the repair wasn't bad but my Eclipse was sitting for years before I bought it like that so it should nice and it off at 400 and repaint it? What I have to reprime air or could I just put paint over the bad paint and clearcoat? I'm a student of auto body collision. Thanks


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