DIY Collision Repair

August 25, 2017 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

This is a build log on how to repair a dent on a car’s door and fender. This video shows the procedure of removing the front bumper and fender to repair some …


24 comments on “DIY Collision Repair

  1. Schuyler Gutting

    No corrosion protection? Your putty work looked like garbage. The fender had ripples all over the damn place, plus glaze coat should go directly over your lightweight filler. What about the holes from the drill? Gonna weld those shut or what? If you're gonna fill over that atleast use some short strand fiberglass filler. I understand you probably have no training in any of it, but make sure you do research next time so you don't rust, or have your paint start falling off.


  2. Thomas D Harrell

    Hey Your are doing a great job!!! Keep it up. Little tip with dollies and hammer. There are special hammers for use with dollies. Hold the Dollie tightly against the back of the panel. Tap on the front side of the pane on the high spot. LISTEN for a solid tap. If not a solid sound the Dollie is too loose or in the wrong place. Use a Dollie shaped nearest to the curve in the panel. Just keep moving the Dollie to the next high spot and tap with a tapping hammer. Don't wham it. Just light little taps. You can get a panel very smooth with dollies and hammers. It takes time. Lost art. No one knows how anymore. It's very satisfying to straighten a panel with dollies and hammer work. Keep up the great work! Oh yeah they are the cheapest way to straiten a panel.


  3. dudu dudu

    MAN…that is stupid…the door its just not streight at all, even my grandma can do a better job and still you decide to film it and teach other how to do it…dude stop ,this is wrong,


  4. Archie

    next time you use a slid hammer
    use a punch and hammer to make yiur holes.
    when you drill in holes its to clean of a cut so when you screw in and use the slid hammer it doesnt hold! it just comes out.
    but when you use a scratch owl
    a punch you can use your slid hammer
    screw in and pull as hard as you need and the screw wont come out.


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