Collision Repair University: OEM Procedures and Repair Standards for Estimating

January 14, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

In this episode, Larry Montanez of P&L Consultants discusses the difference between an OEM Procedure and and industry repair standard and how they play …


14 comments on “Collision Repair University: OEM Procedures and Repair Standards for Estimating

  1. Sawmiller Smith

    He never explained why you should not use used airbags. He said the only way to test them beside testing the ohms is by setting them off. You could use that argument for a new one.


  2. jake williams

    if i was wasting my time in that class having to listen to some dumbass mr know it all guy in the same class that kept trying to earn some sort of brownie points i would walk out


  3. jake williams

    when a dumb ass insurance adjuster comes into the shop to look at a claim the body shop estimators and managers crawl under his desk and put do not disturb sighns on the bottom of thier shoes because they are afraid the insurance company will pull work out of the shop ,,, in other words the insurance companies own these shops ,,, i would like to see quality independant shops come back in the industry and make the insurance companies put the do not disturb sighns on the bottoms of thier shoes


  4. jake williams

    you are completly missing the point that insurance companies screw shops and customers on these drp programs by not paying for structural measurements and they could care less about factory repair procedures so the technition has to do the work for free


  5. Rumen Hristov

    ya ya. And how exactly are you going to "notice" if you weld the stupid quarter panel? I have been working on Mercedes-Benz cars for the past 6 years and have worked on God knows how many S-classes. We have always conducted our repairs precisely by welding and spot-welding. I can assure you, there is nothing visible if the workmanship is professional and of high-quality. And where exactly are you going to find a shop that specializes in every single brand and has the specific measuring platforms for unibody or full-frame straightrening, specific brand spot-welders, spotters, aluminum welders, etc? Answer is straight out – NOWHERE! Even the dealer body-shops don't have all the equipment you are talking about in this lecture.


  6. Stefano Liessi

    Your opinion on the A/M headlight and "buffing up the car" constitutes fraud. The contract of repairs is through the owner and the insurer, insurer pays the invoice, you own the car the shop is a "sub contractor" if insurer pays for it, they get it, if you want to change it, talk to your insurer, settle the difference out of pocket with the shop for the "buff Job" 


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