Collision Repair Tech Tips-How To Match Paint On A Car

April 21, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

Using these simple steps will help you match the gloss output of your original vehicle finish. or 972-420-1293.


43 comments on “Collision Repair Tech Tips-How To Match Paint On A Car


    once you start using one brand, you should stick with that brand, some brands flattin more then others, so if you flip flop from brands to brands, then you'll have problems trying to figure out how much to add and how much not to…



    MS52 is Matrix Clear,, sorry I misunderstood you, I thought the numbers you gave me where a Matrix Brand… As for the Omni–I would rather use PPG Shopline, the paint store was out of all reducers so I had to go with the Omni brand which isn't bad stuff…. Happy Holidays….. Pete



    you can go ahead and just apply epoxy primer and you will be alright. The epoxy primer has a catylist which is a hardner and will seal up the metal from any mositure.. I usually use black epoxy primer on a job like this.. no paint is necassary…


  4. Sethmetro

    Mate!! you'r the master and a legend. I'm so glad I found your videos when I did, "get er done" has been my motto at work running up to Christmas and mate! I'm knocking of early thanks to your motto.


  5. chadatwork

    This video reminds me of the ones I started watching full of knowledge. No employees messing up the video with the frustration coming thru from our friend Pete.
    Great video!


  6. 503oliver

    hey pete i was wondering, if a person is going to remove the quarter panels is it ok just to prime the inside before putting them back on, i see this all the time but i saw a video were they painted the insides after priming, would priming after epoxy priming be a good idea? im thinking that if i just prime the inner quarter panels that the primer will hold moisture were paint would not. thanks for all your videos pete.


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