Collision repair, Auto body 2009 Kia Sportage

August 9, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

In this episode I take you along and demonstrate some of the techniques I use while performing collision repair, and the issues that may arise, Hope your enjoy sorry for not covering all the steps.


42 comments on “Collision repair, Auto body 2009 Kia Sportage

  1. Nick B

    That was not what I was expecting. For side work and doing it in a less than ideal environment that is some amazing body work. I wonder how many hours of labor you actually have in it though, I'm not surprised you didn't make any money on the job.


  2. hunkydude322

    i think when u have minor dents like the ones u showed, u get just sand the painted surface with 150 to 180 grit paper just enought so u can fill the dents with spot putty or glazing putty and sand it down and prime and paint . ,just saying for those tiny dents.


  3. robinsonsauto

    Thank you for the compliments, its funny that you mention that, i get looks all the time in the shop like who are you talking to when im recording lol for now on i will say im talking with Micheal


  4. Michael S

    You are a true professional, I enjoy your videos very much and feel like I am doing the work with you. Thank you for sharing your expertise with laymen like me.


  5. robinsonsauto

    Thank you, lol good catch, yea its a complete front clip off a Chevy, not to many people realize that, customer located the complete nose and had me use that grill, i mentioned it at the time however he opted to use it, came with the nose


  6. Geebuv

    I was able to watch a guy who does pdr for a living remove some dents from a few vehicles at a shop I use to work at. It's incredible what you can do with that system. I'm sure with a lot of skill and experience you can travel from shop to shop and make a decent living.


  7. Dohn Joe

    You are a survivor. If things go slower, then you need more advertising, use the Internet, pass fliers, throw a contest when local community gathers, etc. On the other hand, the 'cash for clunkers' stupid program killed a lot of industries just to survive the big players…


  8. robinsonsauto

    Thank you for the kind words, sometime i wounder if that side of me is what will bring me down or keep me in the same boat (that's what my father says happened with our old shop, we were to honest) always seeing the cons striving and expanding, however if that's what it takes i am fine where im at 🙂
    i do have faith. the boat may start sinking at times i just gotta paddle a little faster and keep being the way i am, some how it has always worked out, Hope your right, thanks again


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