Automotive Collision Repairs-How To Fix A Wrecked Bumper Cover In 20 Minutes

February 2, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

My Friend Pete shows us how easy it is to fix a badly dented and cracked front or rear bumper cover from start to finish in this 20 minute video.. Using a heat gun …


43 comments on “Automotive Collision Repairs-How To Fix A Wrecked Bumper Cover In 20 Minutes

  1. Enigma758

    I don't understand how you can get away with only painting part of the bumper. I would think the paint wouldn't be an exact match and it would show at the boundaries.


  2. Mr2pint

    where I live in the South Pacific the customer can't just pocket an insurance cheque the insurance companies pay the body shops direct – what a scam you have in the US if they simply dish out cheques to their claimers lol and not good for you guys..


  3. Fryingsquirrel

    I bet the heat guns in Texas last just as long as ours in Albuquerque… I love to take my damaged plastic bumpers stick them in the sun facing up for a couple hours then come back to see how much of the dent is gone before i even grab my heat gun and wet rag ..I like it even more when the owner swaps out the bumper cover himself loses or reinstalls the bolts back wrong and the bolts get tightened with no expansion room that stupid look on his face when he shows back up at the shop asking "why"..haha…its all puckered up in between the bolts like grandma's mouth on Christmas day…Then I get to tell them how much money they saved on me doing the job by doing it themselves as I'm ordering another replacement bumper


  4. jjs4x

    Good info as always my friend Pete! Roughly, what is the average price to do a repair like you just did, roughly? I understand that every situation is different, but just a ballpark? Thanks again! Jason


  5. shoominati23

    Good idea with the puller tool, you don't mind if I borrow that idea do you? 😉 MY friend had an awesome sleeper subaru liberty n/a wagon (which from the outside looked like a soccer mum's chariot) but he had put a 2.5 litre subaru WRX STi flat 4 turbo in it. The thing went like a bat out of hell. And he had factory looking mags on it, so it was the ultimate sleeper really. One day he went to a wedding reception at a friends house, and they went down to a local pub that overlooked the ocean, well some hoods broke into the house and took his wallet (along with 5 other wallets around the house) and stole the car and took it for a joy ride. They found it in the carpark of a University about 16 kilometres away, luckily most of the dents were on the bumpers and plastic skirts. He was able to , with a heatgun – heat the bumper up from behind and smack the dents out with a rubber mallet. But the engine was never the same again. He got a decent insurance payout, but he sold the car soon after. Lowlives.


  6. shoominati23

    Get a good quality Bosch Heat gun with the digital display thermostat on it. they might be a little extra, but they are not going to let you down at the worst time like doing a job that needs done by monday morning on a sunday when nothing is open. They are awesome, they have 3 speeds on the fan, and it goes up to 630 centigrade (whatever that is in Farenheit) but believe me, that is HOT. Trust me, I have had the cheap chinese ones, and they ALWAYS fail you when you are doing an important job and the most imperative moment. never again. Another tip would be to NEVER drop the heat gun, especially when it's hot, just have a nice clear space next to where you are working so you can place the heatgun down when you are done with it, never just throw them around when they are hot, that;s what kills them. And also wait for them to cool down properly before you put them away, it's not really just for the heatgun's sake, but also say you are putting it away in a big toolbox with other power tools, that is a safety risk, lots of flammable cords and plastic in there, you don't wanna risk burning your workshop down do you? And I know there are other brands which are good other than just Bosch, but this is the one I've had for the last 4 years and hasn't ever let me down and has always performed better than my expectations.


  7. blue92t

    good work Pete! I do a lot of these repairs. I've been a mobile paint tech for 12 years now. I've been watching your video's for around 6 years. thanks!


  8. gonzo gary

    LOVE IT PETE but doesnt 3M or Dupont make a better plastic filler for the bumpers than BONDO,, the Bondo it not a flexible than the rubber like bumpers,, just a question.


  9. Flair4Air

    Pete, excellent repair I learnt a lot and have some very old paint crazed dented plastic bumpers to repair and this has really helped. Thanks mate, nice work as always!


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