Automotive Collision Front End Damage Estimate Exercise | Repair University

March 15, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

In today’s autobody center the most common estimated damage is a front end collision. If you want to be an estimator, an insurance adjuster or an Independent …


18 comments on “Automotive Collision Front End Damage Estimate Exercise | Repair University

  1. Omniscient Presence

    my question is for the University itself. How many estimators, are actually technicians? rhetorical question… None! because the insurance company does not want people who know how to fix cars to estimate cars. an experienced technician can repair a lot more than an estimator will allow. Because one knows how, and the other doesn't. Once Upon a Time, the technician was the estimator. and this caused problems for the insurance company. I remember the day, when we used to work with the customer and the insurance company. Now we are forced to work for the insurance company. And there isn't a single liability waiver in sight. and I have heard it stated many times by either shop owners or insurance company Adjusters… If you don't do what we tell you to do you will be fired and replaced with somebody at half your wage. but they only do this to these people who are weak technicians. the technician that totally needs his job to support his family and his household. and of course he does exactly what he's told. because he thinks, and is programmed to feel, that his company is looking out for his best interest. in reality, he is the first one who's ass gets hung out to dry when somebody dies in these cars. this is why there are so few qualified technicians in the repair Market. because a lot of them end up working for somebody else for the rest of their lives. And they're not going to be able to do that working for the insurance company. They're forced to get jobs and other places for lower wages. And all because an estimator is putting a position above the technician. all the people who know nothing about cars. Are the ones in charge. And this is the way the insurance company needs it to be in order to promote how good of a neighbor they are at taking 15% or more from the shop.


  2. Omniscient Presence

    and I hate to say this… the estimating process is a complete waste of time. Irregardless of what estimating system you use. Or how you use it. not to mention an incredible waste of money. Your insurance company is only going to pay to pack it's ass in duraglass and send it down the road.


  3. Omniscient Presence

    I once hit a deer in my 64 Pontiac at 80 miles an hour. that deer knocked the N out of my Pontiac. and I kept right on going. I do however have a freezer full of venison. but that's the difference between having a car made out of Detroit Steel, and these plastic pieces of crap pop cans that they make now. and by the way, I got my N, Out of the junkyard for a dollar fifty.


  4. conspiracytheoryauto

    lets talk about fraud iinsurance companies own every estimating company lets see 3 hrs to change ft bumper add .3 for fogs 3.2 to paint bumper add 1.1 hr to clear all labor based on 50 an hr  wow big profit there .all parts that shops buy are marked up 25% over cost do the math and you will see real quick autobody trade is waste criminal mafia insurance companies leave no profit to even hire people .insurance appraisers guy looks at your car is a moron and is instructed to miss parts by his boss hoping shop just puts cars together and don't feel like calling insurance company to fight over every labor time and paint.all appraisers are instructed to get shop to bondo bumper if they don't agree then write junkyard if they cant find then china imitation part if that's not available then they have to call there freemason supervisor that's away from his desk pounding down some brews at the masonic lodge laughing with his buddies how dumb policy holders are and shops not even realizing how they get bullshitted everyday and don't know


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