Auto Collision-How To Repair A Dent Properly. Part 1

September 26, 2017 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

Its all in using the right tools. or 972-420-1293.


43 comments on “Auto Collision-How To Repair A Dent Properly. Part 1

  1. sam111880

    curious if you could do a video on not dent fixing but more structural damage fixing like how you fix body /chassis structures.
    Your dent fix videos almost make it seem like a person can do body fixing , hot rod restoration ,..etc But kind missing the other aspect of it all cross members , iron frames , the structural stuff that goes with the cool look of it.


  2. be relaxed11

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  3. Robert Presti Jr

    A car like that you could have used glue tabs and not gone through the epoxy  coat, or possibly even the color or clear. Filers are a last resort as they are prone to failure. fillers have a place in creating show cars that won't be exposed to the elements though.  An extra hour or two using the best methods possible  might eliminate doing the job over a second time.


  4. Jack Johnson

    I wouldnt suggest people buy that drill through the metal dent puller when they can get a stud gun (the weld kind) with a slide hammer for pulling the dent, then you cut the stud off and then use the filler, no holes that way to weld up later!


  5. boo boo

    Those dent pullers are cool and can still be purchased but are very expensive unless your going to use them a bunch. Pete was right ARC went out of business or was just purchased by AIM (American Innovative Manufacturing). Cheapest unit is $1775.00.


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