Are You Ready For Aluminum Collision Repair?

June 19, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

As the Ford F-150 all aluminum bodied pickup rolls into dealerships around the country, collision repair professionals face a new challenge – and a new opportunity – in repairing these…


13 comments on “Are You Ready For Aluminum Collision Repair?

  1. hunkydude322

    im thinking  there have been lots faciities  working in the aluminum collision business already for many years   and thats  on   your high end cars  , for example  mercedes benzs   jaguars   just to name a couple,  iam thinkin  those  shops  are seclulded from the general public,   so  why  come out now    and exploid   aluminum,   appparently  u have no choice    cause it wiil  be  on all vehicles eventually.


  2. Jeff Foster

    Are you shitting me???? So now the shops that are BARLEY making ends meet already need to make another SHOP inside an already existing shop? You folks suck ass.Notice than neither one of these retards attempted to SHOW how to do a repair on aluminum…structural or non.


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