February 20, 2018 by Posted in: Auto Collision Repair

Check out our Crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo! Raising money to open an ALL FEMALE auto body repair shop.



  1. Rick Ryatt

    I mean no disrespect, but you say you want to break down stereotypes, but in that same breath you want to hire an all girl crew? Sounds a little hypocritical don’t you think? I say hire “people” with skill and run and operate a successful business. What do you think?


  2. 808 autobody

    Dope as hell. We had a woman named ray who is now a man. Not that it matters but she was one of the most meticulous awesome painters i had the pleasure of working with. Her eye for color matching was awesome. I think what you are doing is great. I am the painter for autobody engineering specialist in Hawaii and u guys are kicking ass. Beautiful women doing beautiful works of art. Props!


  3. Julian Martinez

    Isn’t creating a woman’s only business kind of encouraging sexism? People in the real world don’t care if you’re a boy or girl. Make them money and they’ll pick you up. Stupid ideas doesn’t do anything. How about encouraging women to try to outperform the competition? Nah. Just make a girls only shop. 💩


  4. John Perry

    First of all let me say this is 2018 video with put up on 2015 I want to say if you did make it I hope the best for you the way it looked I would let you work on my car body but for you to say it's a sexist male-dominated field that should be wrong that's great that you're doing the work but there ain't too many women out there that that I know of the even know how to change a tire but I think it's great I do have female friends that are total Gearheads but don't say that sexist and male-dominated it's just that not a lot of women go into it and that ain't cuz of men it's cuz of women not wanting to do it but good luck to you


  5. deliveryguyrx

    Excellent! Like the 'Charlie's Angels' of autobody!I was especially impressed by the way they masked off that gray car,covered the tires and wheels PROPERLY and even 'skirted' the underside of the car (no sexist pun intended)! If you ladies were in Maryland, you'd certainly get my business.(Just for the female bodyshop workers out there–guess the year and make of the car in my avi?) Serious note, great job,ladies!


  6. Les Glover

    So I wonder what would happen if I decided that I wanted to just go ahead and start up an all male body shop? No women allowed. I am flawed your efforts for sure because there's not a lot of females in the Autobody industry but to have an all-female shop? In all honesty that's scenes pretty sucky. Seems more like a marketing Ploy than it does anything else, and I've been in this field for 25 years so I'm still doing body work and painting. Maybe a lot more cool if you did at least throw a couple guys in the mix and give them a chance to learn this trade and bring them up the ranks as well.



    Isnt you excluding men from your paint shop just as bad as men excluding women but this time in your favor? While auto body industry is filled with men how would you take to being banned from working at one of those shops? Thats what your doing to men at your shop.


  8. kevin odea

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